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The Verwood & 3 Legged Cross 
Twinning Association. 



  • 1994 : Visit from Champtoceaux

In 1994 we hosted a party of 80 guests from Champtoceaux District, and the visit was marked by the signing of a Codicil to our original Charter to alter it to the District of Champtoceaux, Our Mayor invited the visiting Mayors to a reception in the Council Chambers, but, for some reason, very few of our Councilors attended.

The actual signing ceremony took place in the evening at our usual party in the Leisure Centre. Four of the Mayors were able to come over, and our Mayor, Cllr William Wells, signed on behalf of Verwood. The signing was witnessed by the newly-elected M P, Mrs Diana Maddock. Presents were exchanged. 

We presented the Mayors of Champtoceaux and Verwood with large specially-commissioned pottery plates bearing the crest of Verwood, with the words "Verwood 1894-1994" around the rim. (A similar plate was later given to the town of Liederbach ). Smaller copies of these plates were then presented to each of the French Mayors. 

The French then presented us with a barrel of wine, the barrel re-made from an old barrel, together with a large number of bottles of wine supplied by wine makers in the Champtoceaux area. The barrel was later - when empty - loaned to our local winemaker at Horton Vineyard. The remainder of the evening was devoted to food and drink, listening to Verwood Concert Brass, and dancing to music provided by our own Roy Coates.


  • Carnival Day Float

An innovation on Carnival Day was the entry of a Twinning float organised by Brian Bowey and other Members of the Committee.

The theme was the Channel Tunnel, and the float pictured a UK beach scene on one side of the tunnel and French open-air cafe with wine being consumed on the other. Our stall on the carnival ground was in operation and, in addition, we sold tea towels which a local artist - Mr Clive Daniels - had been commissioned to design.


  • Gift of Red Telephone Box to Liederbach.

Since the arrival of the German telephone box the previous year, it had been felt that our Liederbach friends would very much like to have one of our red Jubilee-type telephone boxes.  As Ron Curd had contact with British Telecom, we were able to obtain a Box free-of-charge. This had arrived and was stored behind the Council offices.

The German Box had been loaned to the Youth Centre and a payphone installed in it Our Chairman and Secretary both went to Liederbach in July, and took part in their street festival with other twin towns.

At the AGM we were sorry to hear Geoff Higley give his final report as Chairman, and we lost our hardworking Secretary, Judy, too. Gordon Thorne, our Chairman for the first four years, resigned. Brian Bowey was elected as Chairman, Winifred Treasure as Secretary, and Barbara Bowey took over Minutes Secretary from Jenny Brown. New Committee Members elected were Diana Harris, Marion Strugnell and Trevor Thickett.

  • 1995 : Verwood visit to Champtoceaux

In May, over 100 of us - members and Verwood Concert Brass - visited Champtoceaux. It goes without saying that we were received with their usual generosity and affection. At the soiree, we were entertained by the Val Chantant Choir and Verwood Concert Brass, and presents were exchanged. We gave a Park Bench with cast-iron arms bearing the symbol of a Tudor rose, and received an original watercolour of the River Loire , now in the Library.

On the Monday morning of our departure, we were up early to say our farewells on the Champalud (a park behind the church) and, while there, we were asked if any servicemen who had served in the 1939-45 war would march behind the French ex-servicemen to the war memorial. A number of older Verwoodians joined in and, when all had arrived, a short service was held with speeches between hymns. Three bands were in attendance, one of the French ones playing the National Anthem and later, Verwood Concert Brass played the Marseillaise so well that tears were flowing freely. We were very proud of them.


  • Transport of the Red Telephone Box to Liederbach.

In June, after a great deal of work by our Chairman, Brian Bowey, and Judy Higley, we managed to arrange the conveyance of the red Telephone Box to Liederbach.  It was transported by Alan Franklin Transport and lifted on by Manitou - both free-of-charge. It was formally handed over by our new Mayor, Cllr Bob Maidment (in full regalia) to Burgermeister Gerhard Lehner, and now stands in the Liederbach Marketplace. It has since been fitted with a payphone.


  • Rustic Fayre.

The Rustic Fayre that year proved very popular. We ran our 'Cafe Rene' - serving red and white wine with French sticks and Brie. Our Three Legged Cross members organised a Darts stall which proved very popular, and the 'Nails in Log' did well again. We were able to contribute £200 to Verwood Rotary for their charities.

  • 1997 : Champtoceaux visit to Verwood.


  • 1997 : Champtoceaux visit to Niederheimbach.


  • 1999 : Verwood visit to Champtoceaux.


  • 2000 : Champtoceaux and Calcinato in Italy twin (in Italy).

  • 2001 April :  Calcinato (in Italy) delegation visits Champtoceaux.


  • 2001 November : Champtoceaux visit to Verwood


  • 2002 April :  Champtoceaux firemen visit Niederheimbach.


  • 2002 October : Verwood visit to Champtoceaux


  • 2004  May : Champtoceaux visit to Verwood


  • 2005 May : Anniversaire du comité (en France)

    Batz et Guérande
    La Boissière sur Evre
    Coupures de presse

  • 2005 June : European Diploma presented to Verwood & 3 Legged X Twinning Association.

CONGRATULATIONS: - The Twinning Committee was very proud of the fact that Verwood was awarded a "European Diploma" by the council of Europe for work done by the Twinning Association in promoting the friendship between people in Europe. This was a great honour as hardly any other towns in the UK had been given this honour. Unfortunately neither the Mayor nor any Verwood town councillor felt able to attend and so a small group of Twinning Committee members went to Strasbourg (see photo courtesy of H Green). The presentation was on the 22nd June 2005, at the "Palais de l'Europe", along with representatives of twinning towns from Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and the Ukraine. The official handing over of the European Diploma took place in the Verwood Council Offices, to the Mayor, on the 24th of June 2005.

  • 2005 December 1st to 5th : Verwood visit to Liederbach.

  • 2006 September : Liederbach visit to Verwood.


  • 2007 May : Champtoceaux (and its Canton) visit to Verwood.

  • 2007 June : European Flag of Honour presented to 
    "Verwood & 3 Legged X" supported by the Twinning Association.


  • 2007 Oct 19th  : European Flag of Honour presentation Ceremony at the HUB.


  • 2007 Oct 20th  : Verwood & 3LX FLAGFEST day.



A Special Celebration and Fun Day for all the family

Saturday the 20th October 2007.



  • 2008 May 2nd to 6th : Verwood visit to Champtoceaux

IMG_0956=M.jpgA total of 42 members took advantage of the invitation to visit Champtoceaux. Our friends laid on a very full programme for us, with visits to the park and chateau at St. Sauveur de Landemont, a trip down an old slate mine, the audio-visual spectacle at the Tower of Oudon and a trip on the Loire aboard La Luce. Of course there was also the soiree and generally too much to eat and drink! The picture shows our gift jointly with the Town Council was a mosaic representing friendship. So, with friendships made or renewed, we look forward to returning the complement in a couple of years’ time in Verwood.  


May 2008 Twinning Visit to Champtoceaux

 Friday May 02 


 Verwood, Morrison’s Car Park

 17.00 hrs



 Drive to Portsmouth for Ferry

 17.30 hrs



 Portsmouth (Brittany Ferries)

 20.30 hrs

 Sat.   May 03


 St Malo

 08.15 hrs



Lire for welcome drink.




 Spend afternoon and evening with hosts 


 Sun. May 4th


 Time with hosts till 16:00.




 To St. Saveur de Landermont (Soiree)

 16:00 hrs

 Mon. May 5th 


 Day visit by coach including:-

  • boat Trip on the Loire.

  • Visit to the Tower of Oudon

  • Visit to ancient slate Mine (Lunch)

  • Dinner with Host Families.


 Tues. May 06


 Depart Champtoceaux mid-morning

 10:00 hrs



 Caen (Brittany Ferries).

 17.15 hrs




 22.15 hrs




 23.30 hrs approx 


  • 2009 June 18th to 22nd : Verwood visit to Liederbach

Our German friends pulled out all the stops as usual and laid on an interesting and exhausting programme for us. We arrived at the Liederbachhalle at 7.30pm on Thursday evening to be greeted with goody bags and a glass of cold beer. United or re-united with our hosts everyone then adjourned to renew old friendships or to forge new ones. On Friday morning a coach had been arranged to take us for a day in the ancient University city of Heidelberg. A morning walking tour was followed by lunch arranged for us in a local brewhouse. The afternoon was at leisure and opinion was split as to what to do. Some decided to climb (by funicular in most cases) to the castle overlooking the town, others opted for a boat trip along the River Neckar, with the chance of coffee and cake being a major attraction.

Saturday was the International Street Festival in Liederbach and we took the opportunity to have a stall in the market offering such English delights as Marmite and Daddies Sauce. This proved to be very popular and by 6pm we were virtually sold out, so we shut up shop and spent the rest of the evening enjoying the entertainment and refreshments that were on offer.

On Sunday we were treated to lunch at the official reception, where I was honoured to present the new Bürgermeisterin with three beautiful framed limited-edition watercolours of houses featuring in Thomas Hardy’s novels. On Monday we had more free time with our hosts before leaving for the flight home.

June 2009 Twinning Visit to Liederbach

Thursday 18th June

Meet at Morrisons Car Park at 12h00. - Coach to leave at 12h30.

Arrive Southampton airport approx 13h30. & Depart 15h35.  flight BE1277  - Arrive 18h20.

Coach from Frankfurt to Liederbach for 19h30 meeting with hosts.

Friday 19th June.

Leaving by coach at 09h00 for visit to Heidelberg.

Saturday 20th June.

Street Festival starting mid day and going on through the evening.

Sunday 21st June.

Lunch in the Culture Hall from noon with our Hosts.

Monday 22nd

 leave Liederbach at 16h30.


  • 2010 June 18th to 22nd : Champtoceaux visit to Verwood.


In 2010 Verwood Celebrates 25 years of twinning with Champtoceaux in France. 

Our friends from Champtoceaux arrived and  departed after having as wonderful time. The picture below shows all the visitors and guests in the sensory garden of The Hub where they were welcomed by the Mayor of Verwood. They brought over 70 people this year who stayed with their friends in and around Verwood and Three Legged Cross. 

  • 2011 June 1st to 6th : Verwood visit to Champtoceaux


Twinning Visit to Champtoceaux in June 2011

Mercredi 1 juin 2011 Depart Verwood for Portsmouth to St. Malo ferry.
Jeudi 2 juin 2011 Arrivée vers midi au Champalud
Après-midi et soirée dans les familles.
Vend redi 3 juin 2011 Visite de l’estuaire (Nantes a St Nazaire)
Encadrée par le Comité de Jumelage
Soirée en famille
Samedi 4 juin 2011 Matin ?
Repas du midi et après-midi en famille

Soirée à Drain, regroupement pour apéritif vers 17 h, lieu à confirmer.

Dimanche 5 juin 2011  Journée en famille
Lundi 6 juin 2011 Départ vers 5 h (à confirmer) à Champtoceaux 
Ferry St.Malo to Portsmouth.
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