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History of the Verwood & 3 Legged Cross Twinning Association. 



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In 1984/5, after the formation of the Verwood Twinning Association the first twinning ceremonies occurred. First in Verwood and then in Champtoceaux. In 1992 due to the expanding size of Verwood it was extended to include the other eight French communities in the canton. These include Bouzillé, Drain, Landemont, Liré, Saint Christophe La Couperie, Saint Laurent des Autels and Saint Sauveur de Landemont as well as Champtoceaux itself.

Champtoceaux is situated south of the river Loire between Nantes and Angers.

In 1992 Verwood  also twinned with the small German town of ' Liederbach am Taunus', which is close to ' Frankfurt am Main'.

Plaques and photographs marking the formal twinning ceremonies are on display in the Town Council Chamber and  Various other gifts received from our twin towns are displayed in the Council Chamber, the Library and the Heritage Centre.

The subsequent articles are derived from the recorded information such as minutes and press cuttings along with memories and anecdotes of current and past members. If anybody reading this knows of further information then please get in touch with the Webmaster at .

The information has been split into separate chronological pages for ease of downloading so you can view them in any order you choose.



As an early member of the Twinning Association and a member of the committee during some of the early years it seemed that the details of its inception of the Verwood Twinning Association should be documented by speaking to those directly involved who are still with us. 

Sadly a number are no longer are, including Bill Williams one of the past mayors of Verwood who was one of the initial instigators and the MP for Verwood, Robert Adley (of Steam Train fame), who attended the initial Celebration Dinner. I am particularly indebted to Ron Curd who had already produced a booklet covering the period from 1981 to 1995 from which a large portion of this initial data is drawn and also to Gordon Thorne (The first mayor of Verwood). 

Those to whom Ron Curd is indebted include past Chairmen (in order of tenure) Gordon Thorne, John Palethorpe, Geoff Higley and Brian Bowey, and co-founder member Bill Williams. I have included below the introduction to the leaflet written by Ron Curd. When he first became a member of Verwood Parish Council (as it then was), he suggested that to twin with a French or German town was a good idea.  



INTRODUCTION from the booklet by Ron Curd.

"When I first conceived the idea of writing the story of our first fifteen years, I thought it desirable to get the views of founder members and each of our Chairmen, past and present, on what should be included. I passed it first to Mr F E (Bill) Williams, a friend of some twenty-five years, who mentally "pulled me up short" by asking "Why are you writing it, and for whom?" I think the answer must be because I felt it ought to be written, and, as an easy reference for members of the society who want to find out when a particular event took place. "

"When twinning first started in the 1950s, I thought it was a good idea. Having lived through two world wars, it was obvious to me how important it was for people of different countries to get to know each other well to help reduce the "them foreigners" attitude, and relate to each other as individuals. "



These include Minutes of Committee Meetings, Chairman's Annual Reports, Press Cuttings, Members' anecdotes and reports written for inclusion the Verwood Viewpoint Magazine before it became a commercial enterprise plus my own recollections and photographs.  

This article will be extended as time allows. If you have any other reminiscences then please send them to me at .


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