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   Letter from Mr S Morgan to Mr Webster in April 2005   
with his reminiscences from the war Years.



Friday, April 29, 2005

Dear Mr. Webster,

I was looking up on the computer and came across your address, and if ever an address aroused my interest yours did, and I will tell you why.

In 1943 I think it was, I was stationed in a house in Verwood and it was our job to go to pick up men of the Pioneers Corp's that were stationed in a large house just off the main road out of Wimborne. This house laid back from the road and was on the left hand side, down a drive of about 50 yards

Our HQ was a rather large house called Haddon House it's approach was down a lane, off the main Wimborne - Ferndown road. And I can tell you many the time I walked from Tricketts Cross to Verwood ( I was going out with a young girl) in the pitch dark no street lights in war time. The locals use to say that Three Legged Cross was haunted,-and I can tell you the first time I walked pass, and you must remember I was a young raw recruit not a soul about at 2 in the morning and pitch black. Coming up to Three Legged Cross I saw what I thought where eyes looking out from the hedge. I can tell you I felt like doing a runner, but went over and on closer inspection saw they were glow worms. From that day to this I have never seen anymore. So much for the local superstition.

As I said we picked up the pioneers and dropped them off by a turning on the right hand side just before you got to the level crossing at West Moors Railway Station. If my memory serves me right there was a rather high hedge of some 15/20 feet and I think it was some sort of market garden? I along with some other R E drivers parked our Lorries in one of these roads and we went on to the heath and there was a hive of industry. Machinery of every description, railway lines by the mile. All of this was getting ready for D Day I can only describe it as a vast flat sandy area of something like a mile in length and about the same it width.

My recollections working on this site was one of heat, dirt, and dust.

During that time I was posted at Haddon House and Verwood I was in 607 Railway Construction Company.

Also I remember Verwood Village Hall and the dance's that were held there, not much chance of using one's ground sheet, the Mothers kept a very watchful eye on there young daughters. If my memory serves me correctly the village hall was on the comer of the cross roads.

All this was a long time before Uncle Albert in Only Fools and Horse's lived there.

I don't know if I will ever go back and have a look around ? I know I don't live all that far away, but I remember when Ringwood, Picket Post, St Leonards, West Moors, Three legged Cross, and Verwood were pleasant little English villages. Maybe it is best to leave these places dusty in my mind.

Also I think I remember there was a large military hospital somewhere around Ringwood.

From Verwood I was posted to Beaulieu and Bucklers Hard where some parts of the Mulberry Harbour was built ready for D Day. Little did I foresee that I was going to transfer to 9 Squadron Para's and be one of the first to land in France. But that's another story and I'm sure I'm not going to bore you with that.

Mr. Webster, I do hope I've not taken up to much of your time, and I trust this letter finds you in the best of health.

yours sincerely Ken Morgan




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