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May 30th to June 2nd 2019.
Verwood welcomed its friends from Orée-d'Anjou - France.

Verwood is still twinned with Champtoceaux and its Canton but since the 15th December 2015 its is now called Orée-d'Anjou. This still consists of the  9 original members of the Canton,  Champtoceaux, Bouzillé, Drain, Landemont, Liré, Saint-Christophe-la-Couperie, Saint-Laurent-des-Autels, Saint-Sauveur-de-Landemont & La Varenne but from now on they will all be referred to as Orée-d'Anjou. There is now only one mayor for the whole of Orée-d'Anjou.


Our friends from Orée-d'Anjou France, arrived on Thursday afternoon the 30th of May and were welcomed by the new Mayor of Verwood, the Twinning Association Committee and their hosts to a reception in the Town Council Offices. This gave them the opportunity to meet with their hosts (both old and new), view some of the Twinning and Town memorabilia and enjoy sandwiches and refreshments.


Teas were served by committee members using  vintage cups and saucers. Thanks go to Cllr Lindsey Dedden for the loan of these and for her valuable assistance. Also, thanks go to the Verwood Town Council for their grant of £100 and the Town Clerk, Val Bright for her assistance.


On Friday morning, a visit to the Wayland owned Sixpenny Micro Brewery in Cranborne was arranged and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Visitors and hosts were welcomed by Lyall, the head-brewer, who served tasters of the beers they produce. The whole group was then divided up for tours of the brewery itself. A delicious traditional lunch of fish and chips was served from a mobile van followed by a demonstration of Morris dancing by the Bourne River Morris Men. It was of course necessary for all who wished to have a go with limited success.


 At around 3 p.m. the coach returned to Verwood and time was spent with hosts.


On Friday evening a dinner and dance was arranged at the Remedy Oak Golf Club, a stunning location on a beautiful evening. A superb dinner was enjoyed followed by  speeches by the chairmen of the Twinning Associations of Verwood and Orée-d'Anjou  followed by a disco and dancing until late.


Prior to departure, the committee in France had arranged to bring some of their local produce, wines/cheeses etc to promote their area in the Loire Valley. A stall was erected outside the Heritage Centre on Saturday morning for selling and sampling. The idea was a great success and even attracted passers-by to take interest in the Verwood Twinning Association. Saturday afternoon and evening was spent as free time with hosts.


Sunday came too soon and time for them to leave. Hosts and guests met at the Heritage Centre for a noon departure. Lots of hugs, kisses and `Au revoirs` and it was the end of such an enjoyable weekend.


The committee would like to thank all the hosts for their hospitality.


There is currently an unofficial invitation for a return visit to France next year in late September. The idea is to coincide with the grape picking period to see and experience wine production. This is unconfirmed at the time of writing but further information will be given when confirmed.


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