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Desert Rat

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Desert Rat stencil producer dies
Arthur Michael Wareham (Mike)
2nd September 1917 to 29th August 2015.


Mike Wareham from Verwood died on Saturday the 29th August 2015. Mike lived in Verwood untill June 2015 when he moved to the Waterloo rest home in Three Legged Cross.

In 1941 Mike was in North Africa as an Ordnance Corps electrician attached to the 5th Royal Tank Regiment. On the 16th February 1940 the Mobile Division became the 7th Armoured Division. Following a visit to Cairo Zoo the wife of Gen. Creagh produced a design of Desert Rat which was approved and drawn up by Trooper Ken Hill. This occurred while Mike was collecting new American Mark 3 tanks from Cairo, and according to Mike he was requested to produce the Stencil for the logo. The distinctive badge was soon adorning all the tanks which fought desperate battles against Rommel. (His son Adrian says that the Stencil seems to have gone missing since his death - It's hoped it will turn up again.)

Mike was a guitarist in the regimental dance band and spent several months entertaining the allied troops before returning home and setting up his own group (Mike Wareham's All-stars.) who played in Ringwood's Lecture Hall or Crown Hotel.

After the war Mike worked for the Ringwood Electricity Supply Company which later became part of the SEB. He married just after the war but his wife Mary died many years ago. The Carnival and Flameburst take place on family land at the 'Fuzzy Bit'. His Grandson who is a flying instructor often buzzes Verwood in his light Aircraft. May we send condolences to all his family.




The picture shows Mike at the Memorial Hall celebrations in 2009.




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