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  Weaving in Verwood.  


   Note that this article was originally written in 1968 by Mrs. P. Reeks.   

Miss W. who wishes to remain anonymous moved to Verwood in 1947. She had previously lived and worked in London. Before the Second World War she had attended the Royal College of Art and trained as a Wood Engraver, five pieces of her work were displayed in the Royal Academy. Unfortunately due to bombing many of her Works were lost, and she now has only three pictures left. After the time lapse of the war years and due to life in London during that time, her hands were not steady enough to continue wood engraving.

In 1957 she decided to take up weaving as a hobby and taught herself to weave with the aid of a leaflet and worked on a box-loom. After six months she decided that she could not make further progress alone and sought advice from the "Dorset Guild of Weavers and Spinners" and through this went on a six month course. After this she bought a larger loom and designed and produced towels, cushions covers, rugs and chair backs. One of her local buyers was the Art and Craft Shop in Fordingbridge.

Miss W. now weaves only for herself as the rise in postal charges has taken a great deal of her profits and enquiries from the Customs and Excise Authority have made her feel that weaving must become a hobby again and not a business concern.

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