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 Wrought-Iron Work.


   Note that this article was originally written in 1968 by Mrs. P. Reeks.   


After Mr. Sims had retired (see the page on Farriery) the "Village Smithy" stayed empty for five or six years, until Mr. Smith re—opened it in a completely different sphere, wrought-iron work.

Mr. Smith makes gates, grilles, lamps, standard lamps, and furniture with great skill and has markets all over the world. He explained that gates were not simply to fill gaps, but were designed carefully with attention paid to stresses and strains as well as beauty. He designs all his own work as in his own words, ''the craftsman must know his material to be able to design".

Mr. Smith does exquisite scroll work, and it is the scroll shapes that are the beautiful parts of wrought-iron work. They have to be made in the correct proportions which can only be judged by experienced eyes.

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