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Verwood Crest

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  Verwood Town Council Crest  

The arms of the Norman Lord, "William de Bello Bosco" included an inverted chevron which has now been incorporated into the new Verwood Town Crest. The other symbols signify: -

  • Trees signify the woodlands in the area such as the Ringwood Forest.

  • The blue with wavy Yellow Lines signifies the River Crane which rises at Cranborne and becomes the Moors River just south of the Town before traversing "Moors Valley Country Park".

  • The Besom's denote that many residents used to make besom brooms and some still practice the craft today.

  • The "Verwood Owl" pot is incorporated because of all the small potteries in the Area. of which the Crossroads Pottery was the last one and is now the Verwood Heathlands Heritage Centre.




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