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   Extracts from Mrs Harry Haskell Wigbeths Diary 
(1907 to 1916)

Her Mother and Jesse Froud, Remedy Gate were brother and sister.


  • Jan 2nd   Charles Reynold died.

  • March 1st   Mrs Weltcham had a son.

  • March 12th   Rose Haskell [Smith] born.

  • April 17th   Robert Sheppard married Miss Spreke.

  • April 29th   Lady Shaftesburys daughter died and burned at Blandford.

  • May 19th   Rose [Smith] baptized.

  • October 19th   Uncle Jesse Froud died.

  • October 23rd   Uncle Jesse Froud buried.



  • Jan   Harry Hayter-Sutton [J. Hayterís son] died, 6 years

  • Feb   Mary Ann Hiscock died, 89 years.

  • May   Lionel Wilcox died, 25 years.

  • Dec 28th   Ernest Emone died [Emma Charlotte Froud, Remedy Gate.



  • Feb 1st   Mrs William Froud, Woodlands Common, died aged 53.

  • Feb 6th   Mrs William Froud buried.

  • Feb 21st   Harold Bacon and Beatrice Wilcox married.

  • March 22nd   John Tubbs, Remedy Gate died.

  • April 11th   Mrs Sim Morgan, a son.

  • April 22nd   Mrs George Hayter, a son.

  • April 27th   Franks friend married.

  • April 28th   Mrs. Dave Cutler, a son.

  • May 8th   Frank Froud and Blanche married.

  • May 29th   Bob Haskell and Laura Miles married.

  • July 7th   Oliver Wilcox and M. Keeping married.

  • Nov 3rd   Bob Sykes and Ida Chappel married.

  • Dec 4th   Harry Froud and Flo Stevens married.



  • May 2nd   Lucy Haskell born.

  • May 14th   Bob Tubbs sailed to Canada .

  • Oct 1st   Bill Joy and Clara Lockyer married.



  • Jan 11th   Walter Shears died, 69 years.

  • April 24th   Mrs Bob Dyke, a daughter.

  • May 31st   Ernest Froud and Lillian Bacon married.

  • July 24th   Mrs. Bob Sheppard, a son.

  • Aug 2nd   Mrs. Bob Haskell,a daughter.

  • Aug 5th   Mrs. Bill Joy,a daughter.

  • Aug 16th   Mrs. F. Chalk, a stillborn.

  • Dec 2nd   Mrs. H . Haskell ,a daughter.



  • March 9th   Mrs Bob. Dyke ,a son.

  • April 6th    Mrs Jethro Wilcox died.

  • April 30th   Henry Friend died.

  • May 18th   Mrs. Bill. Wareham , a son.

  • June 2nd   Lord Kitchner and staff drowned.

  • Sept 27th   H. Hayward and J. White married.

  • Oct 13th   Cecil Bennett killed, age 25.

  • Oct 23rd    Doctor Gillings son killed, age 19.


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