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Verwood 1985 BBC Domesday Project. - Hillside School.

18. Ecology of Verwood.
Wet and Dry Heaths.
Endangered Species.
Plants & Reptiles.
Birds & Insects.

The wet & dry HEATHS have rare and ENDANGERED SPECIES. The disused sandpits and surroundings near STEPHEN'S CASTLE and Dewlands Common are a haven for these.

PLANTS :-     Common Gorse, Dwarf Gorse Broom, Sundew. Common Centaury, Bracken, Brambles, Fly agaric. Bell Ling & Cross Leaved Heather, Bog Asphodel. Milkwort. Tormentil, Willow . Birch. & Scots Pine.

REPTILES:-   Adder. Smooth Snake, Slow Worm, Common & Sand Lizards.

INSECTS :-    Large Red / Common Blue & Green Lestes Damselflies, Common & Black Sympetrum / Southern Aislma Dragonflies. Peacock / Small Tortoiseshell / Brimstone & Meadow Brown Butterflies. Bog Bush Cricket / Heath Grass Hopper / Pond Skater.

BIRDS :-        Kestrel/Wren/Willow Warbler, Yellow Hammer/Sand Martin/Nightjars.

19. Farming In Verwood.
Farming and Forestry.
Sand and Gravel Pits.
Forest Animals.
Land Owners.

Cattle and arable FARMING are predominant in the area together with some sheep farming. The FORESTRY COMMISSION has worked RINGWOOD forest since 1919. with mostly CONIFEROUS TREES. The felled trees are used for fences, posts, and chipboard. 

SAND AND GRAVEL are dug, leaving dangerous water filled PITS. 

RANGERS cull hares, rabbits and roe deer as they eat parts of the trees. Fallow deer are rare and sand lizards, smooth snakes, newts, frogs, toads and badgers are protected. Trees are never cut near BADGER SETS. Fawns should never be moved, as their mother often leaves them for a few hours to look for food. Badly wounded animals are killed by the ranger. 

Part of the land is on 999 year lease from LORD NORMANTON and CRANBORNE ESTATES and the rest is owned by the Forestry Commission.

20. Lifestyle in Verwood.
Licensed Premises.
Leisure Centre & Memorial Hall,
Hair and Beauty Care.


There are 4 SOCIAL CLUBS, 1 of which is at the LEISURE CENTRE, where activities for all ages are organised. 

2 menís and 3 ladies HAIRDRESSERS are in existence, with a BEAUTY PARLOUR attached to 1. 




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