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Verwood 1985 BBC Domesday Project. - Hillside School.

13. Verwood's Printed Media.
Viewpoint Magazine.
Viewpoint Concert.
Church publications.
Other Booklets.

The 'Viewpoint Magazine' was started by the Parish Council to help everyone know what was going on in the parish of Verwood. It has letters from residents, advertisements, a village diary, stories and news from the village organisations and the Parish Council. There is an editor, a paster and there are other committee members. It is published once a month and costs 30p. 

The committee organise a village concert once a year, when people from the village take part. The profits help towards the cost of the magazine. 

The local churches publish their own magazines about all their activities. A Verwood and Three Legged Cross Guide is published annually. 

Some local history has been recorded in three booklets: Verwood and District Potteries - A Brief History of Verwood - Verwood Church School 1847 to 1985.


14. Trade in Verwood.
Estate Agents.
Supermarkets / Markets.
Shops and Garages.

There is a collection of SHOPS in the village centre near the Recreation Ground, some along Ringwood Rd. some in the Safeways SUPERMARKET Complex and one in Newtown Rd. All the SOLICITORS and ESTATE AGENTS are in the village centre. 

A produce AUCTION MARKET is held every Thursday and people from the surrounding areas come to this. Since 1976 the WOMEN'S INSTITUTE has held a market in the Memorial Hall every Friday when about 50 to 100 people attend. In the market are stalls of vegetables, eggs, cakes, clothes and soft toys. The clothes & toys are home-made. Some people sell produce from their homes. Three GARAGES are also to be found in Verwood.




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