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Verwood 1985 BBC Domesday Project. - Hillside School.

01. The Gazetteer of Verwood.
Previous Names.
Altitude & Climate.
Historical Industries.
Bus Services.

VERWOOD, previously FAIRWOOD, FAYRWOOD, WRTWOOD & WEIRWOOD, is situated on the Hampshire & Dorset border and became a Civic Parish in l894. Previously it's history was recorded under Cranborne. 

Its ALTITUDE above sea level varies between 70 and 130 feet. The CLIMATE is mild and the average RAINFALL is approximately 32 inches. 

The clay and sand deposits gave rise to potteries and brick and tile yards in the early 1900's, with the heath providing materials for besom making, fodder & peat. To the north and east lie areas of coniferous forests and to the west are mixed farms. There are two tracks of heath which are of SSI (Special Scientific Interest). The shops garages, services and supermarket meet the everyday requirements of most people.

There is a 2 hourly BUS SERVICE, supplemented by privately run buses, none of which run on Sundays. (This has now increased as Verwood has expanded.)


02. Government in Verwood.
Parish Council

The PARISH COUNCIL started in the late 19th century. (Verwood has been reclassified as as Town and now has a Mayor and Town Council.)

There is an election every 4 years. If 12 people apply, they are automatically elected, but if there are more, then an election takes place. The chairman is elected annually by council members. If a councillor doesn't attend for 6 months without good reason, he loses his office. If a councillor moves away there is a vacancy so a notice is put on the Parish Council board, people apply and the Parish Council vote for who they think would do a good job. 

The Parish Council is responsible for the provision and maintenance of the Parish Cemetery and Recreation Ground and have representatives on other village committees. Any member of the public can go to any Parish Council meeting where they can ask questions during question time.


03. Housing in Verwood
Manor House.
Accommodation for elderly.

The POPULATION in Verwood is approximately 9,000. (Currently around 14,000)

There are 3,637 dwellings today and 200 houses are built each year. Many MATERIALS are used in building homes today, eg:- bricks, insulation blocks, timber frames and roofing tiles. Blocks of flats and terraced houses are becoming the trend. Most modern gardens are small, as land is so expensive there are approximately 70 cottages of COBB/MUD walled construction, many built in the late nineteenth century. A number of houses built then were built from Verwood bricks, some of which are white and were made at Ebblake. 

The largest house is in Verwood is the MANOR HOUSE. This is shortly to be demolished to make way for homes for elderly people. (It has now been demolished and replaced by bungalows and apartments/flats)




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