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Verwood 1985 BBC Domesday Project. - Hillside School.

15. Verwood Supernatural.
Heathpoult Inn.
Smugglers Ghost.
Stephen's Stone.
Church Bottom.

Miss Gertie Sims now 91 (1985) years old lives in EASTWORTH FARM on the Road to Alderholt which is said to be haunted. It used to be the Heathpoult Inn once used by SMUGGLERS. 

Miss Sims has never seen the GHOST, but she hears it open the door and go up the stairs. She thinks that it is the Ghost of a man who was hung from a nearby tree. The Smugglers used to hide barrels under the floor. A Smuggler tried to give away the secret, so he was caught and hung.

Legend has it that STEPHEN'S STONE, a solitary block of stone in WILD CHURCH BOTTOM has a GOLDEN CASKET beneath it. It is said that it measures 6M X 3M X 3M approx. It could be a BOUNDARY STONE. In 1220 it was recorded as "LE HORESTONE" and was a boundary point in this area.


16. Health in Verwood.

15 people work at the SURGERY in Manor Road, where there are 4 DOCTORS, a NURSE and several RECEPTIONISTS. 130 people attend the surgery per day. A SPEECH THERAPIST visits once a week. A HEALTH VISITOR works from the Surgery who looks after 'well' people and visits them in their homes. She helps Mums who have just had babies & visits them after 10 days. There are CLINICS for chiropody, child welfare and blood donors. Some Health Visitors help families who do not have enough money or who don't have a Dad. 

There are 2 CHEMISTS in the village. 

In the 2 DENTAL SURGERIES the DENTISTS advise about preventing tooth decay as well as mending bad teeth. 

There is an undertaker who buries bodies in Verwood. Sometimes they are taken to Bournemouth or Salisbury CREMATORIUMS and the ashes are scattered.


17. Law and Order in Verwood.
Community Policeman.
Motorised Patrol.
Police Control Room.
Magistrates / Crown Courts.

We have one COMMUNITY POLICEMAN who patrols the area on a PEDAL CYCLE or MOTOR CYCLE, so that he is easily available to the villagers. 

Verwood is also patrolled by shifts of 20 policemen using four 'panda cars', giving us a 24 hour cover. They are here to protect us and our property and they carry a TRUNCHEON and not a gun. 

The CONTROL ROOM is in Bournemouth, so, if we need a DETECTIVE or a POLICE DOG, one can be sent out quickly. Some problems today are cars parked badly at road junctions, graffiti on buildings, vandalism and children who try shoplifting. 

The nearest MAGISTRATES' COURT is in Wimborne and CROWN COURTS in Bournemouth and Dorchester. Four SPECIAL POLICEMEN and women who live in Verwood assist the Police Force when needed.



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