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Ben's Day

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Verwood 1985 BBC Domesday Project. - Hillside School.

11. Ben's Morning.
Getting ready for school.
Going to school.
School Work.
School Assembly.

In the morning I get up at 7 am. then I go to the toilet. Afterwards I go downstairs calling for Mum. Then I sit down on the sofa looking at my football album. 1 call for Mum to get me some Shreddies with hot milk. After that I get dressed & play in the garden until Jamie comes round because he goes to SCHOOL with me. 

Then I get my lunch & coat & go to school. Mum drops us off at the bottom of the front way, so we have to walk up. 

Then we do READING WORKSHOP, after that we do NUMBER then we do 'A Day'. Then at half past nine we are meant to go swimming if it is warm. 

After SWIMMING it's ASSEMBLY for half an hour and then it's playtime. At playtime if it's on the "field, we play football or war. When we come back we carry on with our work. At 12 o'clock we have lunch, if it's nice, outside.


12. Ben's Afternoon & Evening.
Afternoon at School.
Going Home.
Evening Activities.

We have lunch in the school hall if the weather is not good. At playtime, after LUNCH, we usually play FOOTBALL and see if we can get a goal. After playtime we read a few pages of our reading books, then we do ART AND CRAFT. That's when we do sewing, painting and draw pictures. 

At 3.05 P.M. it's home time. I go home with my friend Jamie. When we get back, we go to my house, then we go out to play. 

At 6 o'clock we have CUBS. At Cubs we do all sorts of things. We play games and cook things. Then when I get home I watch 'Birdwatch' on TV. Then I play CRICKET in the garden with my sister who always has to bat first. Then I go in to watch 'Dallas' on TV. 

Before I go to bed. I clean my teeth. Then I choose a book to read in bed. When I get a bit tired of reading, I fall asleep.



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